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Gerijitsu comes from the words:


Geri ~ from Greek: old age, old man, old people; elder, elderly; senior citizen



Jitsu ~ from Japanese 術 Literally meaning skills/techniques


Basically, Gerijitsu seeks to promote continued participation for older grapplers in BJJ and an avenue for all grades from beginner to black belt to meet and train in a more casual, encouraging and enjoyable environment - targeted toward older athletes. 


Whilst Gerijitsu encourages loyalty to an athlete’s own BJJ schools and teams, we welcome men and women from all clubs that want to train with people their own age and physical abilities.


Often politics, teams, egos, and a lack of similarly aged training partners stands in the way of older fighters reaching their potential or continuing in the sport they love. Gerijitsu seeks to overcome these roadblocks through regular non-team affiliated training sessions targeting O/35 BJJ practitioners from all over the country.


The BJJ Community in Australia, although influenced heavily by its Brazilian roots, needs a banner for older grapplers to gather under, regardless of their team – and that is what Gerijitsu provides! Ossss!

We're not a charity, but we're not making money either...if you like what we're doing feel free to chip in...!

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